VelocityDB Version 7.2 Release Notes

Updated .net standard 2 version of VelocityDB to include all functionality. All VelocityDB core libraries now named VelocityDb.dll as having multiple assembly names proved infeasible as the name is embedded in type names. We tested switching DatabaseManager, VelocityDBServer and NUnit test suite to use the .net standard DLL instead of regular .NET. It all worked fine but delivering these versions in the installer proved a little difficult so we switched back to use .NET 4.7.1 for these instead. WARNING: If you are currently using VelocityDB with an assembly not named VelocityDb.dll you will see issues upgrading to this new version where its renamed to VelocityDb.dll. You will need to stay with your current version or start over with fresh data. We might be able to help migrating data but it’s difficult (we tried it).