VelocityDB Version 7.7.1 Release Notes

LinqPad driver updated to show generic classes and exclude non-relevant (not in schema) types. Fixed VelocityGraph so that it ensures fields loaded for DatabaseManager which uses lazy object field load.

VelocityDB Version 7.7 Release Notes

Bug fix for BTreeMap that will reduce memory usage. Separated .Net Core projects from .Net 4.5 projects in provided solution. Add Vertex.RelatedVertices. Updated Mac/Linux default SessionBase.BaseDatabasePath to be current directory instead of /Databases. Not sure what is best default in this case?

VelocityDB Version 7.5 Release Notes

Fixes for DataMember.StringToType. Preview release of VelocityDB http API via Asp.Net Core 2.1 server combined with regular VelocityDBServer functions all in one. Connect as: localhost:5000/active, for now this alternate server uses port 7032 for VelocityDBServer functions. .NET Core have a mismatch with regular .NET in type names. Specifically noticed so far is mscorlib -> System.Private.CoreLib.To test using this server instead of regular .NET one, set SessionBase.s_serverTcpIpPortNumber = 7032.

Some fixes applied for .NET core users, especially when mixed with regular .NET using the same databases. Current http API for now just have one access point showing all server active session database paths. Plan is to expand this so that almost everything imaginable can be done: retrieving object by id, creating new objects, deleting objects, updating objects…

What we probably will not support:

  • Creating new classes or other Type instances. DLLs containing the application classes will have to be provided to server, so it can work with such object instances.

Let us know what you would like to see in this https REST API? We really appreciate all input. The source code will soon be included in our sample solution and on GitHub.


VelocityDB Version 7.3 Release Notes

If a license database is missing when a license check is happening, VelocityDB will copy a license database from your “Downloads” directory if such a file exists and use it for the license check.